Why You Should Start your Church Online Radio Station

(Reach every Phone and Computer)

1. Bring your product, service and message on your radio station Online/Personal Phones local and worldwide. There are 3.2 billion people online at this very moment who could become potential listeners.
2. Grow your Business (Local and Worldwide Community:
A. Shows (Live and Passive) with achieve opportunities
B. Your customers, family and friends can listen to your choice of Music programming 24 hours a day. Keep them in touch with your services.
C. Programming can consist of Personal Testimonies, Talk Show, Interaction with callers, Specialty Shows (Live and Podcast), Lectures and your imagination.
D. LIVE CALLERS to you from their home or phone
3. The Technology Age is Here. From Phone Apps, Uber, Online Commerce such as (Amazon and eBay), Instagram, Twitter, and the list goes on. If an organization Fails to keep up to date with the changes in the world. The consequence can be very costly and lack of growth. Broadcast from Home and anywhere. SOCIAL MEDIA integration. Reach more people. Our service comes with easy-to-use social media integration. Embeddable player and schedule widgets are available for sharing on your own site or elsewhere. Facebook integration will let users listen to your station on your Facebook page, auto-tweeting informs your Twitter followers when and which track or show are currently playing, and you can also publish any track directly to Soundcloud with the Soundcloud integration functionality
4. Raise Financial support and Donations from your Internet worldwide community/Local Community to continue your good work that they listen to 24 hours a day. Get your station listed with worldwide establish directory with millions of people listening online (WE HAVE INFORMATION AND VIDEOS ON HOW TO DO)
5. Radio Station App: Now that you have a online radio station. You can get your own brand on a app on the Google Play Store. Your listener can download the App. And from phones worldwide can hear your message
6. Technical Support: Have Confidence. Our support agents are super-skilled and friendly. You can reach out to them via in-app live chat or via the ticketing system. We’ll be there for you in times of crisis, and have you back up-and-running in no time.

See a sample Church website Online Radio Station

Universal Radio

Our Church Online Radio Plan includes

• Unlimited listeners and listening hours streaming
• Multiple stations management with single account
• Personalized player and URL for each station
• Plug n play widgets and tools for your site
• Virtual studio for stations with automation
• Online Listeners Counter
• Stream relay
• Listener's chat LIVE
• Analytics and reports
• Developer APIs
• Customer support portal


* RADIO PRODUCTION CLASSES on commercials, spots, imaging, drops, editing and music library.
* A Music Song Library of 5,000 Christian Radio Hits. Download software YouTube to Mp3 Converter.